The Blue Elk is our Coffee Shop and Roastery located at:

315 W. Spotswood Trl.
Hours: M-Sat 7:30 am – 2 pm
Closed Sunday

We roast all of our coffee in the shop as needed and regularly provide freshly roasted coffee for local restaurants, churches, businesses and events.

Great coffee goes a long way in every endeavor. Freshly roasted coffee is one way we can make the good things, even the not so great things, better.

I discovered roasting coffee by way of a campfire, a repurposed open air popper and some coffee cherry seeds from Hawaii. I saw before me a complex, global agricultural process now reduced to an open air campfire and realized I was on to something good! Since then, I have discovered that there is great artisan flair to be found in both roasting and brewing, but at the end of the day,

there’s freshly roasted coffee and then there’s not freshly roasted coffee. The difference is rather spectacular.

Coffee is such a part of our lives – everything is better fresh. Blue Elk Coffee is fresh at its best. Come see us and enjoy our amazing, small country town.

The elk is blue.

Located in the Heart of Downtown Elkton

The Blue Elk is located at 315 W. Spotswood Trl. 

Elkton, looking Northeast

A wonderful perspective of Elkton Presbyterian Church. Photo by

Elkton, looking East

An easterly perspective, from above Stonewall Memorial Park. Photo by