Brazilian Mountain Water Decaf, Five Pound Bag

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This sweet, chocolatey decaf is naturally processed in Brazil, then decaffeinated with the Mountain Water process in Mexico. The coffee is soaked in pure water from the highest mountain in the region, Pico de Orizaba, to first extract caffeine and flavor compounds. Once the compound-rich water is filtered to remove 99.9% of the caffeine, it’s reintroduced to the beans so they can reabsorb their flavors.

The entire process is chemical-free and produces decaf coffee that stays true to the characteristics developed from Cerrado and Sul de Minas’ excellent terroir. A smooth fusion of chocolate and nuts highlighted by warm baking spices makes this a sweet Brazil Mountain Water Decaf that is a pleasure to drink any time of day.

Ships 5 pounds in our box in a clear bag; will stay fresh longer with your own storage solution (like an airtight tub). Suggested use is two weeks for maximum flavor/freshness, however, freshness is a bit of a preference. Pressure brewed decaf is awesome, by the way - try it as a decaf Americano!

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