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Ships 1 full pound in a foil-lined, zip-sealed Kraft bag with a one-way outgas valve. Keeps well in bag. Suggested use is two weeks for maximum flavor/freshness, however, freshness is a bit of a preference.

Our 2 lb. bag is just as awesome as our 1 pound (foil-lined, zip-sealed, Kraft bag w/ one-way outgas valve).

Our 5 lb. bag is all about utility. We ship it in a 2mm clear poly bag in our custom box, bulk style. We still recommend consumption within two weeks, but hey, taste is subjective. Order less, more frequently seems like a good motto for freshness.

El Salvador - Santa Isabel
In the 1950s, Cesario Hernández started growing coffee on five acres of land in the Cacahuatique Mountains of El Salvador. Now, four generations later, the family farms cover some 210 acres and produces about 800 bags annually. Varieties are primarily Bourbon with some Pacas and Catimor, all washed and sun dried.

The tradition of growing coffee has been in the family for four generations. This area is known for its coffee culture and for being the fountain of water to many others in the country. The tropical climate, high altitude and moist soil are all contributing factors to the quality of this coffee. This coffee is nationally ranked in the top 20 best coffees and top 3 in the producing area. Cacahuatique comes from the Mayan language and means “hill covered in cocoa orchards”.

The Hernandez family produces coffee on Finca Santa Isabel and Finca Romanota. Profit shared*.

Our mostly Salvadoran coffee blended with seasonal varieties for pressure brew systems. Profit shared*.

Guatemala - Huehuetenango
Huehuetenango Organic Coffee. Huehuetenango’s renowned coffee owes much to the dry, hot winds coming from the mountains of Mexico's Tehuantepec plain. The growing area is the highest and driest of Guatemala's non-volcanic regions. The additional heat layers help protect Huehuetenango from frost enabling coffee to be grown at altitudes of 6561 ft.

Most coffee growers in Huehuetenango process their own coffee and use the area's many rivers and streams to bring it to market. Cupping notes are rich notes of chocolate and brown sugar.
This certified organic green coffee was grown, picked, processed and packed in accordance with USDA Organic standards.

Mexico - Veracruz, Altura, decaf

Mountain Water decaf process is entirely chemical-free. This decaffeination process preserves flavor with only minor changes to the coffee's original sensory profile. With elevations of 2296-4593 ft., a warm, semi-humid climate and an average annual rainfall of 84.29 in., Veracruz is well-suited for Arabica coffee production. Altura has a medium body with mild acidity with hints of milk chocolate, nougat, stone fruit, and cane sugar.

*Find out about our profit sharing plan.

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