El Salvador - One Pound

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Roasted to full city+ (our medium roast) this direct trade Salvadoran coffee has a good body, with sweet and mild acidity with notes of dark chocolate, citrus and spice. Great for drip and espresso. Ships 1 full pound in a foil-lined, zip-sealed Kraft bag with a one-way outgas valve. Keeps well in bag. Suggested use is two weeks for maximum flavor/freshness, however, freshness is a bit of a preference.

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In the 1950s, Cesario Hernández started growing coffee on five acres of land in the Cacahuatique Mountains of El Salvador. Now, four generations later, the family farms cover roughly 210 acres and produces roughly 800 bags annually. Varieties are primarily Bourbon with some Pacas and Catimor. Washed and sun dried.

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